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Simple lines in
a design that
is as exciting
as ever.


The Progetti collection was created in 1987. The unusual armrests in fine Brazilian Pau Ferro hardwood of this very recognisable seating series were based on a detail from an elegant handle of an antique walking stick. Today, 30 years later, we have decided to re-light that flame that started this unique initiative: at different times in 2017 three new interpretations of the historic version will be revealed.

1 JAN 2017

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Progetti Pure is a Certified Limited Edition, exclusively sold only in 2017. It is available in the three most representative models with a beech structure, for the first time left voluntarily in view to highlight the indisputable wood crafting skills that Giorgetti has cultivated in more than a century of history. Solid wood, often the hidden soul of Giorgetti objects takes centre stage; the veining of the pure hardwood stand out and the natural imperfections of the raw material become the formal perfection of the finished product. A unique outfitting that dialogues with primitive forces of another natural material: leather which becomes a pure element secondary to the structure.

Progetti Pure is handcrafted and has an engraved plate on it, that guarantees the exclusivity of the item, proposed in limited edition, numbered only for 2017

Giorgetti digital product card certifies the authenticity of the purchased 100% made and manufactured in Italy furniture. Progetti Pure will be accompanied also by a printed certification attesting the originality of the item.

2 APR 2017

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3 SEPT 2017

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Design dresses a space as it were a high fashion dress. In this confluence of worlds, Giorgetti shared the creative experience with Agnona, famous worldwide for the research in noble fibres and the meticulous manual processing, that led to the creation of Progetti Fashion in three different variations:

Progetti Fashion / Kamet
Armchair in cashmere-wool decorated with cabochon details, embellished with hints of prized materials. It is offered in two colours, with the internal part in white and the
external one available in taupe, nude or blue denim.

Progetti Fashion / Katori
Armchair with a sheepskin upholstery made up of three different fur versions. It is available in white, nude or blue denim.

Progetti Fashion / Twist
Armchair in nude leather, finely weaved, paired to precious saddle leather in a sand colour.

The expertise of Agnona allowed Giorgetti to rework material from the fashion world to fit a story of style and ideas, thereby giving rise to unique environments.

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