“Object-to-project” traveling exhibition

“Object-to-project” traveling exhibition - Giorgetti 1
Started with the presentation of the updated logo, the brand concludes this year of celebrations with the traveling exhibition set up in the main Giorgetti showrooms and stores, in Asia, United States and Europe.

The photographic exhibition was completed by a display for the book edited by Francesca Molteni and Cristiana Colli, and in particular, by the showing of the film entitled Object to Project: Giorgetti Design since 1898. The documentary, also directed by Francesca Molteni, is a journey through intelligent artisanship and the district of Brianza, a symbol of the ability to make beautiful things that are admired worldwide.
The book, film and exhibition reveal the secrets of Giorgetti's intelligent craftsmanship and bring back an extraordinary narrative on the uniqueness of a style of interior design that can respond to habits, tastes and markets.