Giorgetti celebrates 120 years

Giorgetti, brand leader in contemporary design, celebrates its 120th year. 1
Giorgetti, brand leader in contemporary design, celebrates its 120th year and to mark this important anniversary, it has designed a new logo to represent the uniqueness of Made in Italy craftsmanship, using the clean aesthetic of the company's collections. This pictogram revives the brand's image and consolidates the identity it has built over the years.

The new logo was designed to reflect the intersection of circular forms and tangents that has inspired the soft, strong lines of the design projects proposed by the company since 1898, when it was founded in Meda as a high quality cabinet-making workshop. The spirographical design pays tribute to one of Giorgetti's icons: the walking stick handle that characterises the arm of its Progetti armchair.
The design, presented in a harmonious rotation, represents the manufacturing process Giorgetti has used for thirty years to obtain the contours of the shape that has made the collection of chairs famous and instantly recognisable. The decision to select this design was also inspired by another factor that creates the brand's innovative character: the machine used to produce the chairs was designed by the company itself.
The fine line used to draw the logo reflects the modernity and precision Giorgetti uses to define each production stage of its collections. The filigree-like design is presented in a variety of colours, including gold and bronze, reminiscent of the precious and exclusive materials chosen for the company's products.
For over a century, Giorgetti has presented exclusive product lines, able to furnish unique spaces with great character. The same spirit is apparent in the company's new image. The fresh design of the logo reflects the ease with which Giorgetti views its 120 years of history and launches itself into the future, effortlessly managing to interlace artisanal tradition and stylistic innovation.