2020 Restart

2020 Restart - Giorgetti 1
Giorgetti launches a digital broadcast to present the 2020 collection.

2020 Restart
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Giorgetti, a leading brand of Made in Italy design excellence, presents the 2020 novelties with a rich and articulated collection that reveals more than ever the high manufacturing capabilities of the company founded in Meda 122 years ago. Despite the lockdown and the absence of Salone del Mobile of Milan, the brand has decided not to give up any piece and to undertake a series of extraordinary challenges: on the one hand, extremely complex objects have been put into production, and on the other, a new way of presenting the collection was experimented by creating a digital broadcast.

"The digital channel was born from the need to build an alternative experience to Salone del mobile, where we can share with our partners and customers a heritage of ideas and projects, never as unique and articulated as this year: the lock down period was the moment for us to reflect even more in detail on our roots and our values to make our ideas, our products, our vision of design even more unique. To share all this, we decided to experiment with the resources made available by digital innovation and try to convey the emotions, values and uniqueness of our products with a project that brings together art and technology. The success of this combination is something that we have already tested on a production level: Giorgetti, in fact, has long supported important manufacturing investments in industry 4.0, precisely with the aim of maximizing the irreplaceable artisan knowledge", commented Giovanni del Vecchio, CEO of Giorgetti.

With the 2020 collection, Giorgetti brings the brand enthusiasts on a journey from East to West, from Japan to the United States, passing through Europe, thanks to the introduction of two important new creative collaborations. The first one with the great Adam D. Tihany who interprets the habits of the Old continent with the typical New York style and presents the precious Host bar trolley. The second one is with the one with the Japanese duo Setsu & Shinobu Ito: appreciated for their ability to create fluid and elegant shapes, they designed a magnificently complex work, the Kiri mobile bar.

Alongside these new collaborations, Giorgetti confirms those with the great Italian names that have long contributed to the aesthetic experience of the brand with products with a timeless design and a strong personality, able to dialogue with each other and to renew themselves in materials and combinations. Carlo Colombo, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, Umberto Asnago and Leonardo Dainelli sign new products for the living, dining, sleeping area, home office and open-air areas. In a path that in the realization of their ideas, sees the designers accompanied by the company's R&D. The Giorgetti world is completed by the objects for the décor of the Atmosphere collection, which this year, for the first time, presents some author's pieces signed by Carlo Colombo, Roberto Cambi and Virginia Harper.

All these new products are presented with the new digital channel. They become the protagonists of Pinkham Point, an anthology created thanks to the potential of digital technology that reveals the sophisticated environments of a wonderful modernist home where the novelties are combined with great Giorgetti icons. The cinematographic techniques, made of wide tracking shots and close-up shots, together with a musical crescendo, give back a poetic narration that from time to time presents an environment of the villa: the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the office, the night area and the outdoor.

"This virtual way of presenting the collection implements the many real projects that, in the recent years, have involved Giorgetti and Battaglia, known for its ability to create custom-made furnishings. We want to demonstrate that each of our objects is made to highlight the technical and construction skills of our manufacture and designed to enhance the architecture it will furnish. Beautiful, with attention to every detail, functional, Giorgetti products design the space and pass on to future generations an extraordinary heritage of memories", concluded Giovanni del Vecchio.

2020 Restart
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