New creativity for 2019 advertising campaign

New creativity for 2019 advertising campaign - Giorgetti 1
The fifth chapter of the visual marketing project “How Different Would You Be?” puts the living room in the foreground, once again revealing Giorgetti’s aptitude for bringing together eras and styles.
Consistent with brand identity, new creativity highlights the stylistic concept and Giorgetti product design, juxtaposing the display with the location, namely the nineteenth century rooms of the Palazzo della Pilotta, Parma. In this stately location, with majestic space and neoclassical architectural details, Giorgetti pays tribute to the cultural heritage preserved in the museum and reinterprets themes from ancient paintings in a modern perspective. The Adam collection, available in sofa or chaise longue, is an iconic piece from the latest Giorgetti campaign which interprets, through the creative flair of Carlo Colombo, the principles on which the company built its reputation. The All Around armchairs, Fit coffee table and The Cabinet of Memories in its dual function as cabinet and architectural element complement the ambience. This symbolic piece designed by Chi Wing Lo to celebrate Giorgetti’s 120th anniversary, encapsulates the values, history and superb craftsmanship indicative of the brand. A work of art based on emotions, memories and poetic beauty, reminiscent of an exquisite treasure chest which brings impressions, ideas and experiences to life in an extraordinary heirloom for the future.