Giorgetti presents the first sustainability report

Giorgetti presents the first sustainability report - Giorgetti 1
Giorgetti presents the first sustainability report - Giorgetti 2
Giorgetti presents the first sustainability report - Giorgetti 3
Achieving the SDGs defined by the UN for a better future.

The Giorgetti Group, with the 2 brands Giorgetti and Battaglia, leader in the excellence of Made in Italy design, presents the first Sustainability Report and shares with the Stakeholders the results of the medium and long-term strategies launched with the aim of integrating, in an increasingly significant way, the economic aspects with the environmental, social and cultural aspects of the project. The Group introduces sustainability, intended as an important growth driver, into business management and reconfirms its vision of a contemporary business. Innovation and strategic vision are essential values for the companies of the Group, which are among the first in the design field to have started this type of path.

"Above all, leading Giorgetti with its 123 years of history means taking on a great responsibility; the responsibility of continuing to preserve the company's resources, people, production techniques, knowledge on materials, which represent a precious heritage for the local and Italian ecosystem. The protection of our territory and the continuous creation of value are the key to the future”, commented Giovanni del Vecchio, CEO of the Giorgetti Group.

In fact, the Sustainability Report aims to make Giorgetti achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the purposes defined by the UN to promote the safeguarding of the Planet and the well-being of the greatest number of individuals by 2030, through a new economic approach. The Group's commitment to CSR translates into actions aimed at reducing negative impacts and consolidating practices that generate sustainable, fair and inclusive development. Specifically, the company acts as the socio-economic engine of the territory in which it is located, receiving in exchange unique and cutting-edge artisan knowledge that defines the competitive advantage of the brand in the world. The mutual exchange between Giorgetti and the local community is based on a virtuous relationship that goes on creating value.

“Each of our collaborators is a custodian of the know-how and skills that have always characterised our production, making the Giorgetti brand unique. For this reason, we invest our resources in attracting new talents, in the professional and personal development of employees, in the creation of a safe, meritocratic, stimulating and diverse work environment, which guarantees equal opportunities for growth", Giovanni del Vecchio added.

In the field of Political Responsibility and Governance, Giorgetti's commitment translates into an annual production of about 29 thousand pieces, which generates revenues of over 60 million euros. The economic and financial performance of the Group guarantees positive prospects for employees, creates and supports related activities, contributes to the local economy by directing almost 97% of spending to local suppliers. The Code of Ethics signed by the company summarises the principles by which Giorgetti is inspired and the ways in which to make them concrete, representing an essential and complementary element of the organisational model.

Concerning the Responsibility towards People, Giorgetti is committed to respecting the values of diversity, inclusion and equality, fighting all forms of discrimination and enhancing the uniqueness of each employee. To guarantee this, a specific company observatory has been set up. In addition, the Group is active in the professional training of the new generations, with a program of approximately 1,500 hours of training, and strives to continue to maintain a share of over 33% of under 30 employees.

At Giorgetti, Environmental Responsibility concerns the constant monitoring of the levels of harmful emissions related to its production process, especially in the field of carpentry and painting, and to that of suppliers. In the Misinto production site there is a photovoltaic system that allows not to draw on the external network or to draw from it to a minimum. In Misinto as in Meda, the heating system is powered by the recycle of virgin wood waste (about 130 tons in 2019). Huge investments have also been made in the reduction of toxic waste, producing non-dangerous waste equal to 97% of the total and managing to recycle almost 99%.

Today, the issue of sustainability must also be able to satisfy customers and the growing demand for environmentally friendly products. In these terms, Giorgetti is committed to create Responsible Products that can last over time and are able to incorporate the memory of those who use them to become the legacy of subsequent generations. This means using only qualitatively excellent materials, relying on manual processes and technological solutions that enhance the object, focusing on designers who can give personality to the products without their aesthetics running out over a season.

The Group carries out many activities aimed at promoting the culture of Made in Italy design and disseminating the value contents on which the company is based: from the cooperation with Confindustria, the Altagamma Foundation, FederlegnoArredo and Milano Durini Design to individual initiatives such as the publication of the book Object to Project Giorgetti design since 1898, the subject of a traveling exhibition and inspiration for the creation of an exciting short film.

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