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New collection 2021: cabinet-making tradition

Houdini by Roberto Lazzeroni, the first novelty of the Giorgetti 2021 collection, expresses all the uniqueness of Giorgetti's cabinet-making tradition. The external surface is composed by a play of inlays in natural canaletto walnut or grey maple arranged according to the direction of the vein, vertical and horizontal, to obtain an iridescent effect on the surface. The shape of the inlays has been studied by arranging perpendicular and inclined lines to create a curious optical effect: when you look at the cabinet from a distance, the inlays seem to tighten at the centre of the cabinet and then widen at the top and bottom. This obsessive attention to detail reveals the ability to select and process raw materials, the precision of the technology, the technical expertise and artistic sensitivity of the company's R&D department and craftsmen.

“Houdini celebrates Giorgetti's ability to transport its cabinet-making expertise into the contemporary world. The exterior is composed by wooden inlays, one of the most classic and traditional elements. To make it contemporary, the decoration has been highlighted by using the same wood in the same colour, and alternating the direction of the vein to move the sections.” Roberto Lazzeroni

Houdini is available in two versions, with one or two columns housing drawers, shelves, compartments, empty pocket trays and leather-finished doors that are revealed in the light of the LED system. For the single column version, it is possible to choose the direction of door opening: right or left. In the combination of materials typical of the Giorgetti collections, the internal shelves of Houdini are enriched with bronze glass inserts for the canaletto walnut version or grey for the maple version. The top is equipped with a drop-down riser covered in leather that reveals the internal compartments.

“The double version is a structural and architectural object, it is like a sculpture; the single version becomes more private, a piece of furniture that you can become attached to and that can stay with you throughout your whole life.” Roberto Lazzeroni

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