Pinkham Point 03 The patio and the studio

Pinkham Point 03 The patio and the studio - Giorgetti 1
Pinkham Point 03 The patio and the studio - Giorgetti 2
The third episode of the movie is on air on Giorgetti Channel.

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Giorgetti, leading brand of Made in Italy design, launches the third episode of the anthology Pinkham Point on the Giorgetti Channel and reveals two new environments: the studio, which with smart working becomes the protagonist of the contemporary home, and the patio with the outdoor products. Cinematic techniques, made of wide tracking shots and close-up shots, together with a musical crescendo bring the audience in the sophisticated settings of a virtual modernist villa where the 2020 collection is combined with the company's great classics.

Entering the patio, there is the Chi Wing Lo Gea collection. The space is gathered around the sofa. The soft and voluminous cushions are placed on a very light carob-coloured steel structure and invite comfort and create a pleasant contrast with the minimal line of the base. The armchairs recall the concept of the collection and emphasise the minimalism of the sign in the visual richness of the surfaces. The small tables enhance the textures of the most precious natural materials used to compose the tabletop, Abonos oak, fossil wood of river origin, afrormosia or brushed Grigio Oriente marble. The lighting passes through the transparency of the onyx or white crystal which, by diffusing a soft light, reveal the natural veins of the material in which the source is placed.

The video continues in the studio, where there is the Tenet desk by Massimo Scolari, on an important architectural background Godron by Listone Giordano, combined with another project designed by Scolari, the elegant Springer office armchair. Among the novelties, there is the Host bar cabinet designed by Adam D. Tihany who starts his collaboration with Giorgetti. It is an object of desire that recalls the 50s, the atmosphere of New York clubs, the ritual of the preparation of cocktails, but also the bourgeois image of the most fascinating European homes. The cabinet equipped with a trolley, to be used also individually, is an elegant, light and versatile element suitable for convivial moments. The column of the bar cabinet is covered in leather and enriched by the edge in solid canaletto walnut and visible stitching; the two shelves, with metal details, house bottles and glasses; the wooden top with marble insert extends on one side towards the trolley and is equipped with a removable rotating drawer. The three-wheeled trolley has a fixed top and a movable bottom tray.

The Drive sofa by Carlo Colombo is characterised by a refined research on details. The modular system Domus is by the architect too: a return to rigorous volumes, to the orthogonality of the lines, to the beauty of minimal shapes. Wood, metal, marble, glass and leather combine to create a bar or a game module, an office element, an umbrella stand or a complement for storing plants and cut flowers.

In the space, there is the sensual touch of Rossella Pugliatti too with Hug and Move armchairs. Another sign with a strong personality is introduced by Giancarlo Bosio's Scaleno coffee table: a monolithic element that takes shape in the combination of different materials. Ash wood, marble and leather meet in a game of asymme-tries, simultaneously defining the function and the decorative component of the object.

There is no shortage of novelties from the Giorgetti Atmosphere collection, objects for décor completing the environment and defining the company's lifestyle, from the Sliver suspension lamp by Carlo Colombo, to the glass table centres Amorfo, to the Hineri marble vases by Setsu & Shinobu Ito and the EVA rubber Koi basket. The studio leads to a terrace: a small and reserved outdoor space, furnished with the Apsara small table and the Loop armchairs by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, the Gea outdoor lamp. A pool of water overlooked by a collection of sculptures underlines the contact between design, art and craftsmanship.

The project is signed and art directed by Giancarlo Bosio and was created by the Giorgetti designers in collaboration with Superresolution, a studio specialised in the creation of virtual environments and high quality graphic images.

Pinkham Point 03 The patio and the studio
Produced by Superresolution

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