Mitchmore Horner

Mirador Group + Douglas Elliman + Stolz Partners

One of the units of the Giorgetti Houston condo, located in the desirable Upper Kirby neighbourhood of Houston (Texas, USA), within walking distance to top-notch shops and restaurants. Giorgetti Houston combines art, architecture and craftmanship into one culturally cohesive design. Moreover, the condo’s smart home technology allows to control lights, music, TV and temperature.
Aside from the property’s overall design and distinctly European ethos, the owners were drawn to the thoughtfully planned nature of each individual space within the residence and the high-end fixtures and finishings that come standard with each unit. The couple craved non-traditional design elements: they chose Giorgetti for its unique Italian exterior and interior design. The Italian-look of the interiors is characterised by high-quality textiles and natural surfaces like wood and stone.
The Giorgetti living space comes with open floors, high ceilings and a wide kitchen furnished by the Ode stools and the Leaf suspended lamps, in the massive canaletto walnut version. The dining area is characterised by a blue Kendama chandelier, while the living room is enriched by the precious Galet small table and two Giorgetti Icons: the well-known Hug and Progetti armchairs. The sinuous Tenet desk characterises the home office, while the elegance of the Frame collection is the protagonist in the bedroom with the bed and the night table.
With its luxe amenities, paired with the striking aesthetic and handcrafted interiors, Giorgetti Houston is setting the new standard in condo living.

(Photography: Divya Pande)

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