Fang - Tables writing desks and low tables - Giorgetti 1


Fang table furnishes with functionality and elegance, offering materials with a strong personalityand interesting contrasts of volume and thickness.

Design MVW 2013
Fang - Tables writing desks and low tables - Giorgetti 2
Born from the idea of meeting and gathering together, Fang expresses the concept that the table has always been a fundamental element of furniture and the centre of the home: an object of service and place of conviviality, with time it has been renewed, with increasing attention to style and materials.
Fang - Tables writing desks and low tables - Giorgetti 3
Fang - Tables writing desks and low tables - Giorgetti 3
The round version has a lazy Susan insert in glacé crystal glass, while the rectangular one has an insert in white onyx or an insert made up of a tray kit in glass printed in stone gray colour. The insert can be turned upside down to have the top totally plain.
Fang - Tables writing desks and low tables - Giorgetti 4


Fang - Tables writing desks and low tables - Giorgetti 5
Rectangular and round table in walnut canaletto wood and details in leather and metal painted in a bronze colour.


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A Giorgetti ambient can be immediately identified and defined as ‘the Giorgetti style’, unique and original, characterised at the source by its atypical uniqueness.

Architects Endramukti Design / Partner Giorgetti Atelier Jakarta

Showhouse Graha Famili FF28

Partner Giorgetti Atelier St. Petersburg

Private office


Meydan Villa

This villa in the new suburb of Mohammed bin Rashid City's District One was designed to be timeless and contemporary at the same time. The designer Yasmin Farahmandy’s approach was to maintain the simple lines of modern architecture and add richness by using special materials, such as the marble flooring, and surprising combinations, making the indoors softer and welcoming.
The five-bedroom property, reaching a built-up area of 7,632 sq ft, features a double-height front door that opens into a centre-piece hallway. The villa is flooded with natural light, emphasised by the highly reflective materials such as the laminated inside glass which is used as partition screen to the living room.
The whole house is furnished by Giorgetti. At the entrance, the iconic Hug armchairs combined with the Aton and Ling small tables. In the first living room, two other Hug armchairs define the space together with the Drive sofa and the Ago small tables.
The spaces follow one another leading to the second living room where the Ago collection, complete with sofas and small tables, is the protagonist together with the Aura armchairs. Here, the walls are cladded with wood and bronze mirrors creating reflective games in the space.
The protagonist of the dining area is the Fang table together with the Elisa armchairs, while Eon Buffet completes the space. Beyond the dining room, there are two other Giorgetti icons: the Progetti armchairs together with the Ling tables.

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