Giorgetti renovates the Milanese Atelier

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Among brand icons and new collections, the Giorgetti lifestyle in the Milan Atelier.

Giorgetti rethinks the Milanese Atelier in “via Serbelloni”, an elegant apartment entirely furnished with the company’s pieces.
A new architectural, residential and functional look with the aim of launching a message of restart for Italian design and Milan city, which from September 28th to October 10th will host an extraordinary edition of the design week.
The 500 square meters space hides behind the door of an apartment. The bright entrance framed by elegant Fior di Bosco marble portals leads to a pleasant Milanese-international atmosphere. The environments show Giorgetti's ability to stage complete environments: the kitchen with the dining for the family, the living room, the dining room for guests with a second living room, the office the night area with dressing and the outdoor.
The Giorgetti entire 2020 collection brings the fans of the brand on a journey from East to West, from the Japan to the United States, passing through Europe, with the important collaborations with Carlo Colombo, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba , Roberto Lazzeroni, Umberto Asnago, Leonardo Dainelli, two new names of international fame: the great Adam D. Tihany who presents the precious Host bar cabinet and Setsu & Shinobu Ito who designed a magnificently complex work: the Kiri bar cabinet.
Visitors are welcomed by the new Domus system designed by Carlo Colombo with Centro Ricerche Giorgetti together with the iconic Hug armchairs, in an entrance hall enriched with a collection of spinning tops by the Milanese cabinetmaker Luciano Molinari.
The path begins with the kitchen which, thanks to its strong architectural component, defines the space: conceived as a flexible system that can be customised in detail and materials, it demonstrates a perfect balance between craftsmanship and industrial innovation. The GK.03 island in gold Calacatta marble is presented with a beech wood snack. GK.02 columns, characterised by the precision of the combination of the imposing slabs of Calacatta gold marble, reveal the operational functions of the kitchen.
Next to the kitchen, the informal dining room, with the Gordon table and the Elisa armchairs. Every element within the space is conceived, designed and produced by Giorgetti, showing the company's ability to work on projects from an architectural point of view too and to create customised solutions.
A divider composed by suspended small elements of cabinetry supported by steel cables separates the dining room from the living room, characterised by a fireplace designed specifically for the Atelier becoming an architectural element. The space is defined by the Skyline sofa, combined with the Janet armchairs by Umberto Asnago, the new Host bar cabinet complete with trolley, designed by Adam D. Tihany, and by several products from the Atmosphere collection.
The living room leads to the formal dining area, characterised by the Ago table by Carlo Colombo and by the Bicolette chairs by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba. In the second living area, an update of the Dhow sofa by Andrei Munteanu is combined with Scaleno small tables by Giancarlo Bosio and the Kiri bar cabinet by Setsu & Shonobu Ito.
In the office area, the office and green modules of the Domus system are presented together with the iconic Erasmo desk, the Springer bergère and the Aura chairs.
The journey continues in the night area, with the Adam bed by Carlo Colombo and Domus in a bedside table version, showing its multiple possibilities. Among the other novelties in the room: Amiral mirror by Leonardo Dainelli and Frame by Carlo Colombo, in the chest of drawer version. The dressing is defined by the Miyabi wardrobe system developed by the Centro Ricerche Giorgetti, in continuity with the Reiwa walk-in closet to combine open and closed parts in the same environment.
The exhibition space closes with the outdoor concept, characterised by the sofas, chairs and low tables from the Gea collection designed by Chi Wing Lo, the Loop chair by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, as well as the Amazonia sculpture by the artist Roberto Cambi , one of the novelties of the Giorgetti Atmosphere collection.
Research in the textile field conquers an important role in Giorgetti's vision with two new collections: Artemis, which contains all the elegance and softness of a chenille intertwined with the naturalness of linen, and Fantasy, which reveals in the shine of a yarn with an appearance metallic a refined irregular movement.
The spaces of the Milan Atelier are enriched with a selection of objects for the décor of the Giorgetti Atmosphere collection, designed with the aim of completing the living experience: lamps, handcrafted customised rugs, vases, mirrors connote the rooms and they introduce a pleasant artistic component in the interior design project. 2020 sees the inclusion of some author's pieces, such as the Sliver suspension lamp and the Spaziotempo table lamp by Carlo Colombo, the Cuckoo Clock by Virgina Harper, the Buds diffusers and the Amazonia sculpture by Roberto Cambi. Virgina Harper and Roberto Cambi are on their first experience with Giorgetti. Other Atmosphere novelties in the Atelier include the Amorfo Murano glass table table centre, the Clop rocking seat by Domininc Siguang Ma and Feng Wei, the Summa small tables and the Area marble trays by Giancarlo Bosio and the Miro, Modular and Shighera rugs.
The Atelier is completed by a selection of important art works signed by Maurizio Donzelli, Walter Leblanc, Giuseppe Santomaso, Gianfranco Pardi from Cortesi Gallery, selected by the Giorgetti Art Director Giancarlo Bosio, in perfect harmony with spaces and functions.
Designed as a place of experience, the apartment offers a project space dedicated to architects and interior designers too, with access to the brand's archives and material library. In this space of creativity, the customisations that allow the company, in collaboration with designers from all over the world, to create real bespoke concepts both in the residential and contract sectors can take shape.