Materials research - fabric and leather

Materials research - fabric and leather - Giorgetti 1
On the "Voices" by Giorgetti Channel, the second part of the research conducted on fabrics and leather for the 2020 collection.

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Giorgetti goes on showing the details of the research process conducted on fabrics and leather to make the materials suitable to the 2020 creations, described by the voices of their designers and the company

Giancarlo Bosio, Giorgetti Art Director, illustrates the characteristics of leather and saddle leather as materials. Synonyms for quality, wealth and value, leather and saddle leather create contrasts between shiny and opaque, compact and porous surfaces and are combined with the textures of the fabrics.

The Amiral collection is completed with a mirror; Leonardo Dainelli tells us about his desire to use a multiplicity of different materials to enhance the tactile and sensorial perception of the object. The perfect combination of wood, leather and metal allows to reduce the coldness of the mirror. The colours of the wood and the leather that covers accessories and panels can be chosen from the shades of the Giorgetti collection. The game of finishes becomes a challenge for the designer.

Ludovica+Roberto Palomba talk about the new Bicolette chair. Not having any wooden elements is an opportunity to explore new product types, completing the company's range. "Bicolette" is the name of a species of rose characterised by two-coloured petals: the chair combines colours, fabrics and leathers in a completely unusual way. Bicolette stands out for its seams on the inside of its backrest inspired by the fashion world.

The charm of textile research is shown in the second part of the Materials Research - Fabric and Leather short movie produced by MUSE Factory of Projects: it can be watched on Giorgetti Channel in the VOICES section.

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Materials Research - Fabric and Leather: Giorgetti’s new 2020 products by Leonardo Dainelli and Ludovica+Roberto Palomba
Produced by Muse Factory of Projects

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