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With a short movie, Giorgetti launches two important new collaborations. Taking a trip from East to West, the company presents the creations by the Japanese duo Setsu & Shinobu Ito and the great Adam D. Tihany.

The poetic tradition of East and the lifestyle of the big US cities enter the brand's lifestyle to interpret the bar cabinet.

After 122 years of history, Giorgetti keeps on enriching its heritage built on the precious values of Made in Italy manufacture with the contribution of designers from all over the world. From Japan to the United States, passing through Europe, the brand satisfies the different needs of living in its evolution by offering an increasingly complete and customisable collection that this year, for the first time, includes the projects signed by Setsu & Shinobu Ito and Adam D. Tihany too.

These two important new collaborations reconfirm Giorgetti's approach to design, which is defined in the combination between its historical values and its strong propensity to innovation. This is how timeless products come to life, dialoguing with different cultures and languages.

Setsu & Shinobu Ito and Adam D. Tihany worked on the idea of the bar cabinet, presenting their own surprising concept. Two totally different pieces with a thing in common: very high manufacturing skills. In fact, both projects represented a significant challenge from a production point of view, bringing to light the uniqueness and excellence of the company.

Appreciated for their dynamic and innovative style, for their ability to shape fluid and elegant forms, for being able to integrate the elements of the oriental culture with Italian style, Setsu & Shinobu Ito are the authors of the Kiri bar cabinet. A timeless object that brings the charm of ancient Japanese customs into contemporary life. Based on the Eastern tradition, a Kiri tree used to be planted at the birth of every girl. The plant used to grow together with the little girl and, on the occasion of her wedding, was transformed into a precious cupboard that used to bring the bride in her new life, reminding her of the family origin.

Preciousness and design, traditions and cultures meet and bring the charm of a journey into past in the experience of contemporary living: Kiri is a jewel-item, a precious treasure trunk that encloses the Japanese designers’ refined poetics and Giorgetti's manufacturing skills, made extraordinary and excellent by its long history.

Adam D. Tihany’s project is completely different. Interpreter of a stylistic experience that combines European tradition with the typical New York language, the designer debuts in the Giorgetti collection with his interpretation of the bar cabinet. Host is an evocative project, an object of desire that recalls the 50’s, the atmosphere of New York clubs, the ritual of the preparation of cocktails, and the bourgeois image of the most fascinating European homes too.

Hospitality at home is an art, the art of entertainment, of creating special moments at home. Adam D. Tihany’s sinuous shapes are combined with Giorgetti's rigor to create an object of rétro inspiration that furnishes with a touch of irony: its stylistic elegance and functionality will last over time.

Kiri and Host are the result of a wonderful choral work, which is shown in the short movie From East to West produced by MUSE Factory of Projects and is available on Giorgetti Channel in the VOICES section.

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From East to West: Giorgetti’s new 2020 designers
Produced by Muse Factory of Projects

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