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The company has always distinguished itself on the design furniture scene not only for its tradition and manual skill that have not been lost over time, but also for the high quality of its raw materials. Wood, fabric, leather and hide but also metal, glass, marble and upholstery are among the materials we prefer when creating our pieces, always being at the forefront in researching quality products. The cabinetmaking tradition, together with technological progress, established a heritage which is dependable and can be trusted to source and process the best materials.

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In over a century, Giorgetti has developed an undeniable cabinet-making awareness.
The profound knowledge of the versatility of wood has led the company to explore the different work potentials of this material, in order to make even more sophisticated and exclusive collections. In some cases, wood is the unquestionable main character of the object, in others it is embellished with different materials, almost as if to make the most of its natural vitality. The company has always selected the best part of the wood which is mainly solid wood, whose aroma permeate the buildings, bringing to mind ancient woodworking laboratories and the respect for authentic cabinet-making traditions.
Giorgetti synthesizes the art of cabinet-making and innovation to realize unique collections with undisputable qualitative value. The final product comes from a very rare and precious approach to artisanship; at the same time, innovation is constantly applied to the production techniques with the aim to perfect the processing of wood and the attention to detail.

Giorgetti is particularly sensitive about the environment and above all it tries to reduce waste during wood processing.
The company recognises the importance of responsible management of forests, meaning that conscientious choices are made to use wood suppliers in line with sustainability principles. The wood used by Giorgetti comes from European and exotic countries where severe norms are in force regarding the protection of forests. Specifically, the company only purchases raw materials from forests with controlled cultivation, where new trees are immediately re-planted to replace the ones cut down. Responsible management of our natural patrimony is crucial for obtaining a significant improvement both on an environmental and social level: improving the impact of climate change, guaranteeing better living conditions and fighting illegal wood trafficking.

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Leather and hide are widely utilized in the company’s collections where this material is used for dressing and/or highlighting chairs, armchairs, sofas, beds and furniture, making a finished product of indisputable qualitative value.
Giorgetti S.p.A. has always carried out a careful selection process which lets them identify and put their trust in only the most qualified suppliers who, thanks to professionalism and competence, have earned a major role in high level tanning. The leather and hide are exclusively “full grain” that is they are obtained from the collar and shoulder, the most noble parts of the entire animal. Moreover, quality guarantee comes from the start, with the choice of bovines from Switzerland and south Germany, who are fed a natural diet, free range and are in large and unrestrictive stabling.
This guarantees precious leather which gives the customer a high quality finished product, which can give back and over time maintain the softness and beauty of the material. Giorgetti products are clad in natural fabrics, such as linen, cotton and silk which are fresh and last for a long time, and fabrics with more important properties, such as silk velvet which is sophisticated and resistant to wear. Giorgetti S.p.A. places its trust in the most qualified suppliers which represent the most prestigious Italian, French and European Maisons.

The fabrics used by the company are therefore synonymous with reliability and make a finished product of undisputable quality. Giorgetti recognises that fabric is central to the product, giving it a well-defined personality and the strength to resist the passage of time. The company is committed therefore to establishing a direct and ongoing relationship with its supplier, in order to link the know-how of the expert on the one hand and professionalism and passion of the company on the other hand. A wide range of fabrics is born from this synergy, with uncountable colour tonalities which give the opportunity to customise products, satisfying the most singular aesthetic requirements and reflecting a sophisticated life-style. The fabrics of the collection play with colour and pattern, form unexpected combinations and change quickly from a glossy effect to an opaque one, all with timeless appeal.