Corium [double bed] - Beds and night-tables - Giorgetti 1

Corium double bed

A saddle leather bed with an unstructured shape, as if it were a habitable niche in which to spend time resting for a sense of wellbeing.

Umberto Asnago 2012
Corium [double bed] - Beds and night-tables - Giorgetti 2
The sleeping area surpasses the concept of a bedroom, to become an intimate environment entirely dedicated to ourselves. The visible stitching along the edges of Corium are carried out carefully and passionately and guarantee a mesmerizing object.

Corium [double bed]

Corium [double bed] - Beds and night-tables - Giorgetti 3
Double bed with the headrest in saddle leather and the bed frame in saddle leather, fabric or leather. All completely removable.


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