Mobius 2011 - Chairs and small armchairs - Giorgetti 1

Mobius 2011

Supple and versatile, Mobius main characteristic is an enveloping shape and the numerous variations available.

Umberto Asnago 2011, 2012
Mobius 2011 - Chairs and small armchairs - Giorgetti 2
The base of these small armchairs runs like a continuous belt: the wood belt has both a functional and aesthetic role. It seems to free the seat from the weight, as if it were floating in air.
Mobius 2011 - Chairs and small armchairs - Giorgetti 3
Mobius 2011 - Chairs and small armchairs - Giorgetti 3
The structure is extremely light to allow the upholstery to convey its aesthetical, structural and self-bearing function.
Mobius 2011 - Chairs and small armchairs - Giorgetti 4
There is a high degree of artisanal ability which is expressed in the processing of raw materials of the highest quality, such as saddle leather, with visible stitching along the edges carried out carefully and passionately to guarantee a mesmerizing object.

Mobius 2011

Mobius 2011 - Chairs and small armchairs - Giorgetti 5
Armchair, wing chair and stool in walnut canaletto wood and a removable saddle leather covering.


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Giorgetti - 2W 2W
Giorgetti - 2Z 2Z

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A Giorgetti ambient can be immediately identified and defined as ‘the Giorgetti style’, unique and original, characterised at the source by its atypical uniqueness.

Interiors Fern Santini / Partner Scott + Cooner Austin

Four Seasons Residences

An apartment of around 250 square metres at the Four Seasons Residences in Austin, Texas, completely furnished with the Giorgetti collection: thanks to the collaboration with the dealer Scott + Cooner, Giorgetti created this project designed by the Architect Fern Santini with the most significant pieces of its collections. Giorgetti combined quality products with a strong personality in this bright apartment with large windows and an exclusive view of the Austin skyline. A heady expressiveness where elegance becomes the essential element of the décor.

SCDA Architects & ID Suying Metropolitan Studio / Partner Space Furniture

21 Angullia Park

Architects Endramukti Design / Partner Giorgetti Atelier Jakarta

Showhouse Graha Famili FF28

Steve Leung Designers Limited

Private Apartment - Gubei International Residence

Developer Harrison Varma

Buxmead, The Bishops Ave. Property

An award-winning collection of three penthouses, six duplexes and eleven lateral apartments set in a 2.5 acre site with private landscaped gardens.
Moreover, there are 20 individual apartments ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 square feet. The Buxmead Club Facilities include an indoor Olympic sprint-length pool, SPA and cinema.
Giorgetti takes part to the project with Progetti Blossom, Mobius 2011 and Normal armchairs, Martini sofa, Rea bed and Morfeo night tables.

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