Saphir e Topaze - Chairs and small armchairs - Giorgetti 1

Saphir e Topaze

Functional, multipurpose furnishing accessories with many shapes, also with a swivel seat.

Antonello Mosca 2010
Saphir e Topaze - Chairs and small armchairs - Giorgetti 2
These stools have a captivating line and, depending on the circumstances, they can be put in a corner, they can furnish a passage-way or they can be the main character in the middle of the living room, maybe as a comfortable place to seat an unexpected guest.
Saphir e Topaze - Chairs and small armchairs - Giorgetti 3

Saphir e Topaze

Stools in beech wood, covered in fabric or leather.


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A Giorgetti ambient can be immediately identified and defined as ‘the Giorgetti style’, unique and original, characterised at the source by its atypical uniqueness.

Arch. Gal Nauer

The Plaza Hotel

Arch. Gal Nauer

Giorgetti Penthouse

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Glorious Grandeur at 360°. A wonderful turn-key project successfully balancing lavishing lifestyle with down to earth daily living. Every piece of furniture, every finishing and every detail has been taken care of with a magnifying glass and delivered with perfection. Not only aesthetically but also using the highest technology to create a dream-like atmosphere.

This extensive villa has given all grounds to reach the pinnacle of 360° design and has been almost entirely furnished with Giorgetti pieces: from the living room to the dining room, from the home office to the bedroom.

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Solutions of exclusive elegance that draws ambients away from their insignificance and endows them with refinement and unique "Giorgetti style"