GK.01 - Kitchens - Giorgetti 1


GK.01 is an architectural project that can also be used in open spaces.

Centro Ricerche Giorgetti 2016
GK.01 - Kitchens - Giorgetti 2
Effortlessly clean lines and a streamlined fluid linearity, with contemporary style and exclusive finishes fully customisable to suit the client’s requirements: GK.01 integrates perfectly in the surroundings for a 360 degree interior design concept.
GK.01 - Kitchens - Giorgetti 3
GK.01 - Kitchens - Giorgetti 4
GK.01 - Kitchens - Giorgetti 5


GK.01 - Kitchens - Giorgetti 6
Extensive modularity, linear designs and stylish quality offer seamless open plan living solutions. The quest for pure, essential design translates into smooth surfaces with handles relinquished in favour of grip ledges which accentuate the formal simplicity of the design.

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