GK.02 - Kitchens - Giorgetti 1


A rigorous style, technological solutions, and a wide array of finishes make the GK.02 kitchen a unique creation, suitable also for open plan living.

Centro Ricerche Giorgetti 2018
GK.02 - Kitchens - Giorgetti 2
Linear and versatile, the kitchen flaunts pure geometries, characterised by sophisticated materials and skilful craftsmanship. Its distinctive look is suitable for any ambience. The clean, uncluttered doors feature a grip ledge.
GK.02 - Kitchens - Giorgetti 3
GK.02 - Kitchens - Giorgetti 4


GK.02 - Kitchens - Giorgetti 5
The details are extraordinary, transcending simple functionality to become design features. Aluminium profiles enclose the panels producing a distinctive graphic effect.

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