GK.03 - Kitchens - Giorgetti 1


The architectural layout of the GK.03 kitchen creates a kitchen that delineates the space through an interplay of visual surfaces, perspectives and overlays.

Centro Ricerche Giorgetti 2018
GK.03 - Kitchens - Giorgetti 2
Concealed kitchen perfectly organised behind elegant sliding doors. The glass doors are designed to create a smooth transition with the living area. The kitchen becomes one with the living room, giving life to a mutual enrichment that is both functional and emotional, and that makes it the centre of domestic and social life.
GK.03 - Kitchens - Giorgetti 3
GK.03 - Kitchens - Giorgetti 3
In GK.03 wall fittings house attachments for shelving. Electricity is supplied without unsightly wiring so these can easily be moved according to changing needs, without sacrificing features.
GK.03 - Kitchens - Giorgetti 4
A system of customizable containers with a variety of components, modular solutions to organise the space practically. Solids and voids and different thicknesses of surfaces attached to the structural elements create a perfectly balanced interplay.
GK.03 - Kitchens - Giorgetti 5
GK.03 - Kitchens - Giorgetti 5


GK.03 - Kitchens - Giorgetti 6
A stylish feature of this kitchen is the handle, with two intersecting materials, aluminium and solid wood.

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