Gea [Sofa] - Open-Air - Giorgetti 1

Gea Sofa

From the Greek γαια, meaning “the earth", GEA celebrates the beauty and openness of outdoor living.

Chi Wing Lo 2017, 2019
Gea [Sofa] - Open-Air - Giorgetti 2
A combination of materials and textures inspires the concept of the GEA small sofa. Soft cushions suggest comfort and create a pleasing contrast with the minimal lines of the base.
Gea [Sofa] - Open-Air - Giorgetti 3
Gea [Sofa] - Open-Air - Giorgetti 3
The texture of the woods, in pure stone oak, a thousand-year old fossil wood sourced from rivers, or afrormosia, or the patterns of the oriental grey brushed marble, give a three dimensional quality to the panel that finishes one of the sofa's two sides.
Gea [Sofa] - Open-Air - Giorgetti 4

Gea [Sofa]

Gea [Sofa] - Open-Air - Giorgetti 5
Sofa in protected stainless steel and seat and backrest cushions with a waterproof cover and the piping in waterproof outdoor technical fabric.

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