Eon - Sideboards and chests of drawers - Giorgetti 1


Its simplicity is synonymous with elegance. The lines of Eon are well defined, with no frills.

Chi Wing Lo 1995.2
Eon - Sideboards and chests of drawers - Giorgetti 2
A container furniture designed with the idea of changing the conventional drawer opening. The special independent opening system of each drawer is obtained thanks to arnite spacers.
Eon - Sideboards and chests of drawers - Giorgetti 3


Ten-drawer chest of drawers in maple or walnut canaletto wood.


Giorgetti - 11 11
Giorgetti - 28 28
Giorgetti - 45 45
Giorgetti - 2W 2W
Giorgetti - 2Z 2Z

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A Giorgetti ambient can be immediately identified and defined as ‘the Giorgetti style’, unique and original, characterised at the source by its atypical uniqueness.

Interiors Fern Santini / Partner Scott + Cooner Austin

Four Seasons Residences

An apartment of around 250 square metres at the Four Seasons Residences in Austin, Texas, completely furnished with the Giorgetti collection: thanks to the collaboration with the dealer Scott + Cooner, Giorgetti created this project designed by the Architect Fern Santini with the most significant pieces of its collections. Giorgetti combined quality products with a strong personality in this bright apartment with large windows and an exclusive view of the Austin skyline. A heady expressiveness where elegance becomes the essential element of the décor.

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Solutions of exclusive elegance that draws ambients away from their insignificance and endows them with refinement and unique "Giorgetti style"